Redemption and Darkness

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Bushwhacked on the West Road

It was an ambush. Normal Banditry I would have thought. I woke up, got slapped around a bit. We were tied up, tied together, unarmed, in the mud. Kriv, Thokk and I were at least, Elorn escaped notice. I guess a good thief goes unnoticed whether they’re unconcious or not. Thokk, being the ingenious adventurer that he is, ripped his way out of his bindings, and engaged the enemy unarmed. We were very vastly outnumbered. Elorn found our weapons stacked up in the mud, which quickly turned the tide of battle. 3 swordsmen and a pair of archers had assaulted us. They were trained well, not like the average bandit in the area, they weren’t merely armed peasantry. Dispatching the enemy, we came to realize we’d been hit by artillery, something heavy. The road was distant, set against a hillside, the only area with range was an adjacent hill, covered in thick brush. We found the leader of the troop, who ran to escape. Thokk gave chase, nearly being killed by the canon backfiring. He was quickly routed and searched. Their leader bore Valuan colors, and orders from a High General. “Intercept any westbound supply, kill any soldiers of the regular army, interrogate and kill any person of particular interest. Report anything relevant to your contact.” They wanted to know the details of our mission, which is, I presume, why we were not briefed on the details until we meet up with the army. As of now, we’ve holed up in their old camp, keeping the fire low. I don’t want this “contact” coming by in the night and cutting our mission short. Hopefully another wagon will be by tomorrow, it’s a long walk with hundreds of pounds of supplies in tow.

--Sergeant Orgran
  Guard Captain 1st Division
Taken by Surprise

Things were a little too easy going for a trip to a Castle overrun by the enemy. We should have been more careful, but that was too obvious (way too obvious.). Traveling down a road, and coming to a larger clearing, my memory gets a little hazy. Seemingly out of nowhere, the caravan gets obliterated. I came to only to find I was bound and seated upright on the ground, tied to two of my friends (teammates really…. we dont hardly know them yet), while my brother knelt before a stranger who was trying to get information we did not yet have. Nobody messes with my brother without messing with me. I froze those damn ropes, and broke clean through them (sure I suffered my own Icy Breath, but it got me up didnt it?). I ran up to the guy asking the questions, and layed the big boot into his head (wrecked ‘em? hell, I killed ‘em!). Fighting erupted, and we all (yes, the other two with us really did help us out. this time it wasn’t just me an Wussah.) fought like champions. I figured these guys all had to come from somewhere, so I rounded the next corner to find the source of my memory haze. It was a man with a torch (and a massive cannon, bigger than i had ever seen). He had fired off some sort of exploding device to destroy our caravan. I moved in to ask him some questions with the pointy part of my Axe, but he decided to run. He shot the canon off as he ran by it, thinking the impact would kill me. I guess he did not think of me jumping with such precision and grace that he missed. We found a note on his dead body, and left him for the vultures. His base now belongs to us.


Day 1


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