I am Elorn, part rogue and part elf.


ABILITIES: Str 14, Con 13, dex 18, int 10, wis 12, cha 11

AC 14; Fort 12; Ref 14; Will 11; Hp 25; Surges 19; Surge Value 6

TRAINED SKILLS: Acrobatics 6, Athletics 5, Dungeoneering 5, Perception 7, Stealth 6, Thievery 5


FEATS: Light Step – add to over land speed of group

POWERS: At-Will – Deft Strike, Piercing Strike; Encounter – Positioning Strike, Eleven Accuracy; Daily – Blinding Barage

ITEMS: Leather Armor, Dagger x 3, Hand Bow, Short Sword

  • Grant non-elves +1 perception within 5 squares
  • Ignore difficult terrain when shifting
  • 1st Strike
  • AC = Cha mod against opportunity rolls
  • +1 dagger attack
  • Sneak Attack +2d6
  • Proficient with long and short bows

I grew up in a small village. Saying we didn’t have much would be exaggerating, we had nothing. My parents had gone away many years ago to face our oppressors and never returned. I was left under the care of my older sister, Elain, and the thinning numbers of our village. The Drow kept a close eye on us for years after our parents mutiny, but not so close an eye that I wasn’t able to sneak into their pantries now and again. I shared my plunders with our meager village, eating everything, storying nothing, for fear we would be discovered.

Times continued in this manner for longer than I can recount before I found them. It was on what started as a normal pantry raid. I noticed that the town was joined for a meeting of some sort so I took the opportunity to do some extra sneaking around. I’d been to all of these places before but I was bored liked working on my skills. I stepped noiselessly from one place to another, dorms, armories, storage houses. Then something I hadn’t seen before caught my eye. A thin crack of light crept out from under one of the storage room walls, light that couldn’t be there.

My parents were behind that wall, as well as scores of other villagers thought to be long dead. Prisoners for countless years, they were in weakened condition, but with my knowledge of the Drow village we were able to arm ourselves and overthrow our tormentors. We were all free now, reunited and happy. The free loving life of an elf, long forgotten in my village, once again filled the air with song and laughter.

Oddly, after only a handful of Utopian years I found myself restless and unhappy. I found my mind, my body, yearning for the excitement and purpose I found in sneaking and stealing from the Drow for so long. This elfen bliss was not something I was accustomed with. I said goodbyes to my family then and began my life seeking adventure.


Redemption and Darkness Elorn